Qinghai University road opened to traffic yesterday

In September 9th, Uncle Wang, who lives near the Qinghai University, looked at the new road, the wide lane, so happy that he could not agree. From that day onwards, the 30 thousand teachers and students and the surrounding residents no longer have to worry about travel. Qinghai University opened and opened the road to the end of the students to go to school and travel inconvenience history. Qinghai University East Road from the South Gate of Qinghai University, West to Lake Road, the total length of 810 meters. Design criteria for the New Urban Branch Road, roadbed width of 8 meters, the design speed of 30 km / h. The opening of the city’s traffic network becomes more accessible. It is reported that in the past here, with seriously damaged pavement, is worthy of the name of the unfinished road. In this regard, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the provincial transportation department attaches great importance to, and gave strong support. The Provincial Executive Council since August 4th received construction tasks, quickly organized the design unit inside and outside the industry design work; in August 12th the provincial transportation department in conjunction with the Provincial Executive Council and Qinghai University road engineering design unit held a construction plan design review meeting, experts from the technology, cost of design were reviewed and optimized for the project the early construction schedule and laid a solid technical support. Since August 12th the completion of road design review, is the Provincial Executive Council Ma extension projects do urge the construction unit to quickly organize team play, the top of the sun, take the heat, overcome the impact of unfavorable factors such as the inconvenience of rainy weather and through the work day and night construction, after 30 days of fighting, catch the opening in the school of Ji Shunli.  

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