Month: April 2017

  • How to operate a hot pot restaurant Learn Haidilao

    hot pot as the characteristics of China’s delicious, every year attracts diners countless, so many investors want to successy open a hot pot restaurant. So, how to operate the hot pot restaurant? If you are a business operator, is troubled by this problem, might as well learn to fish, I believe you can get a good experience.

    Hot pot shop is a food store people love in today’s market; it together with the unique product taste and a new dining form, allow people to Hot pot stores such a relatively high interest; but it is not just a Hot pot shop can let our business will be successful, open Hot pot shop, want to get more people to love, we need the intense market competition, to our store in the competitive process, to create a unique advantage, can make our business more profit scale; then we how to operate their own Hot pot shop, it can make profits has greatly improved, so that we can get a better development? As an example, we will give you an example of a more successful hot pot restaurant business methods. read more

  • Tianjin today added three highway

    people in the time of travel, no stranger to the highway, today, Tianjin launched the three highway, in order to alleviate the pressure on the highway, to bring convenience to people travel. The establishment of three highways, greatly promoted the economic development of Tianjin, so that more people into the city of Tianjin.

    According to reports, in 2017, Tianjin will promote the construction of the West Outer Ring Expressway and high-speed construction, and strive to start the construction of the high speed of the east section of the year, to accelerate the work of the western part of the stone high speed in the early period of the west of the city of. At the same time, to complete the link to enhance the renovation project, built in Jin Wei north line, Mei Feng Road, 104 national road transformation projects, promote the function of the outer ring road area, promote bin Yu highway construction, construction, port, nine yuan Yoshikuni static reconstruction in North Baodi, Tianjin Baodi section of highway project, carry out preparatory work for Tianjin Chinese highway reconstruction projects such as road workers and peasants. read more

  • Entrepreneurial one stop consulting service loan employment

    innovation "loan" policy has helped many entrepreneurs disadvantaged groups and the entrepreneurial dream, believe in the perfect policy constantly, will help more and more entrepreneurial real entrepreneurial dream, to promote economic development.

    "thank the party, thank the government, thanks to the Bureau of labor and employment I issued 100 thousand yuan start small loans, solve the problem of insufficient funds to start my business." Shuangfeng County HSBC shopping mall goddess wardrobe clothing store owner Zhu Guifen told the county small loan guarantee center visit, say such words from the bottom of the heart.   read more

  • Do you know the pasta franchise business skills

    pasta is the staple food of the Chinese, life can often be seen every kind of noodle, but also a more entrepreneurial industry, many pasta industry franchisees have said, why do we store business is no good, also pasta, why such a big gap? For the majority of franchisees to raise the question, today I come with you to answer in detail, however, do you know what pasta franchise business skills?

    first, avoid eating food business lively

    some people see others to open the shop business is very good, also want to open a similar store, but without a good understanding of the market and the advantage of others, no investigation analysis in place, resulting in a month after the shop was closed down. read more

  • Good at discovering business opportunities in order to win more wealth

    life, will not always be successful, when you fail, how to adjust their mentality, for the next success is very important. Six months ago, I returned to Chongqing from Yunnan. Back home is very reluctant to think of a friend in Yunnan in the past because of a medical device when a gift (massage stick) very popular.

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  • Bedding shop named 4 principles you know

    when we dragged his tired body back to the home of the most want to do is that it should be in bed to sleep, good sleep cannot do without bedding, do you know what is the principle of bedding shop name? Today to his shop a good name is required, then today, let people open bedding shop, what bedding shop name


    bedding shop named principle:

    (1) bedding company should have an extraordinary spirit, with the impact of the spirit of the people to shock. For example, the four links of the group of four, from the English STONE homonym, meaning stone, a symbol of Caine stone to the high-tech cutting-edge impact. read more

  • Obama to make money easily good investment profit net

    no matter what age, food has always been a favorite, Korean food with the Korean drama hit, and now in the current Chinese food market quickly became popular. Obama to the Korean food as excellent Korean restaurant brand, excellent taste, taste authentic, adhere to the characteristics of technology of Obama to Korean food, now has won a lot of consumers and businesses of all ages.

    [Obama to Korean] how

    Obama to

    is a rare domestic food market on the authentic Korean delicacy brand, a high standard of cooking technology and the selection standard of all products all follow the Korean cuisine, dedicated to domestic consumers the most authentic Korean delicious. Broad catering market, leading the Korean restaurant brands, strong strength of enterprises, to support and protect your most reliable, Obama to become Han school meals to join the business, get rich the way to go more smoothly. Obama to Hanpai meals investment headquarters strong, very trustworthy, you win, win the future wealth a reliable partner. read more

  • Brand children’s clothing store need to pay attention to three aspects

    children’s market demand hot, so many people have a brand children’s clothing store plans. Brand children’s clothing store, to master a lot of skills, how to open a business popular brand children’s clothing store? Today Xiaobian for everyone to sum up a number of brand children’s clothing stores need to pay attention to the problem, I hope the children want to brand children’s clothing store to help.

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  • Fujian’s first provincial college students innovation and entrepreneurship base built in Wuyishan

    of Fujian province has been actively carry out creative work, in order to create a better business environment for students, create better business platform, established in Wuyishan innovation base, numerous resources, numerous opportunities, waiting for more students to act!

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  • Beijing maiduo pie franchise fee is how much

    you should have eaten with pie, unique taste, to subvert the traditional pie impression in our hearts. Do you know the maiduo pie is how come? Look at the following Xiaobian introduced you know.

    with students from the hands of the pie, and some people call it "students scones". With the company in the retention of the original pastry filling principle, combined with Chinese technology, hit the existing maiduo pie. It has changed the traditional pie monotonous and boring, after processing 300 degrees high temperature and short time, the surface layer is crispy and refreshing, delicate rib, unique taste, is away. Pie with fried food to avoid the harm to human health, retained the integrity of nutritional elements of the original, it is fast, convenient, delicious and pleasant, ages, health and fashion. read more