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  • Essential Sailor Moon Episodes Every Fan Should Watch

    first_imgStay on target ‘Tis the season for nostalgic looks back at our favorite episodes from our number one fandom. Sailor Moon began airing in the US back in 1996, a time when many would remember seeing their first anime, and for some, the first time they saw a series showing strong female leads kicking butt in a magically adorable way.Today we look back at the episodes that are a must-see for any true Sailor Moon fan. Grab your moon scepters and get ready for a trip down memory lane!EP1: The Crybaby: Usagi’s Beautiful TransformationFor any great journey, you must take the first step. This iconic episode takes us into the world of Sailor Moon, who turns out to be a crybaby teenager who’s not very good at school work. The talking cat Luna appears to bestow magical items on our dear meatball head and helps her tackle her first monster. Trying to save her friend Naru, Sailor Moon ends up crying really loudly to defeat her enemy, as Tuxedo Mask glides in to assist via rose tossing, and becomes our number one crush for the rest of eternity. A solid start to a memorable series.EP24: Naru’s Tears: Nephrite Dies for LoveNaru’s tears, indeed! This episode taught us that Sailor Moon was here to drop some life knowledge on us while rendering our hearts asunder. Nephrite dies in this episode, and he’s not coming back. The show got super real, right around this episode. Although lighthearted and full of super deformed antics, the series had been fairly whimsical and funny up until we see the once-evil Nephrite begin to have feelings for Usagi’s schoolmate Naru and start to have a change of heart about his villainous ways. His redemption is cut short when he abruptly meets his end while trying to save Naru. And no, he does not come back. Yikes. This is a similar feeling we all had when watching the Walking Dead and realized that the creators were not afraid to kill off main characters. Heart wrenching, for sure, this episode got us right in the feels.EP34: The Shining Silver Crystal: The Moon Princess AppearsThis episode is jam-packed with awesome. Sailor Venus finally joins the team, and Mamoru’s character is explored more in depth, revealing his tragic (if cliché) childhood and his motivation for seeking the crystal. But the real kicker is that, lo and behold, Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon’s secret identities are revealed to each other! Obviously, as a viewer, you’ve known this for ages, and it made their daily teasing banter that much sweeter because you knew that they loved each others’ alter egos. In the elevator of destiny, they find out the truth. This reveal doesn’t get to be enjoyed for long, as Tuxedo Mask gets mortally wounded. Luckily, Usagi’s tears merge the Rainbow Crystals into the Silver Crystal and transform her into the Moon Princess so she can heal him. I mean, we had seen the opening credits 34 times at this point, so we knew it was going to happen, but wowza, was it a dramatic and memorable moment in the series.EP35: Returning Memories: Usagi and Mamoru’s PastThis episode is a continuation of the last one, but hey, it’s pretty damn awesome. Here, we learn about the Silver Millenium, where Sailor Moon and the other Senshi lived in peace on the moon a long, long time ago. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask first found their love back then, but it was interrupted by the destruction of the entire civilization thanks to Metalia’s invasion. This episode gives us a glimpse at the utopian society that was the Moon Kingdom, as well as our first look at Queen Serenity. Something I never understood was, hey, where is King Serenity? Are ever going to address that? No? Not in 200 episodes? Okay. Besides this little plot hole, this episode is a wonderful look at the dramatic back story of all the Sailor Senshi.EP45/46: The Sailor Soldiers Die! The Tragic Final BattleHoly cannoli. So if you were watching the DIC English dub versions as a kid, the “final” episode seemed a little weird because suddenly Sailor Moon had to fight Beryl by herself, but you’re not really sure what happened to everyone, right? In the original story, each of 4 Senshi are killed while defeating demon baddies around the area, leaving Usagi alone. Their deaths were edited out of the DIC version and episode 45 and 46 combined into one epic last battle. Even with the editing, the final episode of season one was really moving and action packed, as Usagi uses the power of her friendships and her love for Mamoru to have the courage to face the final boss. Everyone dies at the end of this battle, but thanks to the super nifty Silver Crystal, everyone is returned to their normal lives, without memories of each other. But don’t worry, they sort of have to get their memories back all over again for the rest of the 200 episodes to happen.EP49: For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight AppearsThis episode is great for two reasons: Firstly, this is the debut of the ridiculous hero Moonlight Knight.In their new reality, Mamoru doesn’t remember being Tuxedo Mask, so as Sailor Moon and her friends run around town defeating new enemies, they are missing the assistance of his rose attacks and witty banter. They’re in luck, however, because Mamoru’s subconscious creates the Moonlight Knight, who appears and throws white roses instead of red, and is equally as useless. Secondly, this episode focuses on Makoto’s friendship with Shinozaki, a boy who helped her through her heartbreak with her ex-boyfriend. We see a flashback on a rainy day where her ex runs away from her, and then her friend Shinozaki appears to comfort her.This episode infamously uses the cheesy song “Rainy Day Man,” in the English dub, that I bet you all remember. Don’t lie.Ep85: The Dark Queen: Birth of Black LadyBlack Lady, or as she is known in the dub, Wicked Lady, was kind of a messed up bad ass. The ever annoying Chibiusa begins to have serious doubts and fears about her place in the current timeline, and Wiseman uses this anguish to trick her into joining the dark side as he bestows power on her as well as a rockin’ hot adult body. Wiseman is a total D in this episode, conjuring false memories of Chibiusa tripping and falling in the rain while her parents ignored her and walked away from her. He also whispers to her that no one has ever loved her when she starts to question why she is attacking the Sailor Senshi. Dude, this is grade A messed up manipulation. Her new form is powerful but tragically so.EP110: Death of Uranus and Neptune? Talismans AppearThe best thing to happen to Sailor Moon was the appearance of Uranus and Neptune. They were so bad ass, and their love of each other was endearing to a fault, even if the English dub made them cousins. Let us never speak of that again. But then this episode decides to tear our hearts out. It turns out that two of the three talismans everyone is looking for is hidden in Neptune and Uranus, and they are lured into a trap so that they can be killed and the talismans released. Neptune dies while trying to save Uranus, and Uranus further proves what an amazing character she is by killing herself so that she can give her talisman to Sailor Moon before she dies. They die while reaching for each other as their bodied begin to dissipate. Holy cow, what an emotional roller coaster.I mean, they come back by the end of the next episode… but it’s still sad, okay?!EP193: Holy War in the Galaxy! Sailor Wars LegendSailor Stars got a little off the rails in the anime. Drastic changes occurred from the manga to the anime adaptation, such as the Sailor Starlights becoming males when in their human forms, but female while in Starlights mode. The leader of the Starlights, Seiya, is also poised as a love interest for Usagi while Mamoru is “away at college,” AKA “has been killed by Galaxia the moment he left Japan and Usagi doesn’t know.” Yikes. So with this setup, the entire season shows Usagi slowly becoming increasingly depressed that Mamoru is “ignoring” her letters. This episode shows Usagi attempting to accept her fate that she will be alone by trying to battle Sailor Tin Nyanko by herself, before seeing a single rose strike the ground near her enemy. It turns out to be Sailor Star Fighter and not Tuxedo Mask as she had hoped (man, what a dick move), and Sailor Moon can defeat Tin Nyanko with her help. After Sailor Moon drops to the ground, staring at the rose, and it begins to rain. In this sad and emotionally dramatic scene, Usagi admits to Seiya that she is heartbroken over missing Mamoru and that she can’t go on by herself. She sobs uncontrollably, and Seiya asks her if he could take his place. Seiya literally says, “Am I not good enough?” This drama llama ends with them looking at each other as the other Senshi witness this scene from behind, quietly judging, one can assume. It’s the first time we really see Usagi realistically challenged in her love for Mamoru in a way that sets up the audience to sort of root for the other guy. We also see Usagi as a broken person here for the first time in the series. It’s a lot of emotional ups and downs, but we feel like this dramatic episode deserves a place in the Essentials list. The Best and Most Loved Anime Series of All TimeThe Best Anime On Hulu last_img read more