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  • Watch The Late Chris Cornell’s Final Performance With Soundgarden Last Night

    first_img[Video courtesy of Uncle Sam – Alive In Detroit]Outshined [Video courtesy of Videogremmie]My Wave[Video courtesy of Uncle Sam – Alive In Detroit]The Day I Tried To Live The news of Chris Cornell‘s death was unexpected to everyone, but especially to those who’d seen him perform in concert with Soundgarden earlier in the evening at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. About halfway through their first tour since 2015, Cornell took his own life. With reasons unknown to us, fans everywhere will continue to celebrate his legacy through music.Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell Has Passed AwayDuring the final Cornell’s final Soundgarden concert, the band played through a career-spanning setlist that ended with a cover of Badmotorfinger‘s “Slaves & Bulldozers” for its encore. It is standard for the band to incorporate this song into their live show, with the lyrics of Led Zeppelin‘s “In My Time of Dying” tied in. Some of the last words from Chris Cornell were, “So bleed your heart out / There’s no more rides for free / Bleed your heart out / I said, ‘What’s in it for me? / What’s in it for me? / In my time of dying, I want nobody to mourn/ All I want for you to do is take my body home.”Watch videos from the performance last night at the Fox Theatre below. Rest in peace, Chris Cornell; you will be missed.Setlist: Soundgarden | Fox Theatre | Detroit, MI | 5/18/17Set: Ugly Truth, Hunted Down, Non-State Actor, Searching With My Good Eye Closed, Spoonman, Outshined, Kickstand, Black Hole Sun, By Crooked Steps, The Day I Tried to Live, My Wave, Been Away Too Long, Fell on Black Days, Mailman, A Thousand Days Before, Burden in My Hand, Blow Up the Outside World, Jesus Christ PoseEncore: Rusty Cage, Slaves & Bulldozers (with “In My Time of Dying” snippet) [Video courtesy of Uncle Sam – Alive In Detroit]Fell on Black Days [Video courtesy of Uncle Sam – Alive In Detroit]Mailman[Video courtesy of Videogremmie]Burden In My Hand[Video courtesy of Uncle Sam – Alive In Detroit]Jesus Christ Pose[Video courtesy of Uncle Sam – Alive In Detroit]Rusty Cage[Video courtesy of Uncle Sam – Alive In Detroit]Slaves & Bulldozers (with “In My Time of Dying” snippet)[Video courtesy of Uncle Sam – Alive In Detroit] [Video courtesy of Uncle Sam – Alive In Detroit]Black Hole Sun Ugly Truth[Video courtesy of Videogremmie]Spoonmanlast_img read more

  • UK roundup: British Steel, state pension age, Pensions Regulator [updated]

    first_imgMembers of three unions representing steelworkers have voted in favour of closing the British Steel Pension Scheme to future accrual.The vote was the first step in what the scheme’s trustees hope is a restructuring of benefits in order to stay out of the Pension Protection Fund (PPF).Roy Rickhuss, general secretary of the Community union, said: “This result provides a clear mandate from our members to move forward in our discussions with Tata and find a sustainable solution for the British Steel Pension Scheme.“Steelworkers have taken a tough decision and have shown they are determined to safeguard jobs and secure the long-term future of steelmaking. Nobody wanted to be in this situation, but as we have always said, it is vital that we now work together to protect the benefits already accrued and prevent the BSPS from free-falling into the PPF.” In other news, researchers have claimed a post-Brexit fall in immigration could require a significant increase in the UK’s state pension age for younger workers.Consultancy firm Hymans Robertson calculated that workers under the age of 40 could see their state pension age increase by 18 months if the UK’s exit from the European Union led to a decline in non-UK workers arriving in the country.Currently, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) estimates that there are 305 pensioners for every 1,000 workers. This is expected to reach 360 by 2050 under current (pre-referendum) estimations.Jon Hatchett, partner and head of corporate consulting at Hymans Robertson, said: “If migration does fall, so too will the number of workers to support the increasing numbers of people of pensionable age. Undoubtedly this will put pressure on the affordability of the state pension, and as a result the age at which you can claim it.”Starting in December next year, the government will begin gradually raising the age at which men and women can claim the state pension, with a view to reaching 67 by 2028.Meanwhile, the Pensions Regulator (TPR) and the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) have called for a range of measures to protect individual savers from pension scams.Since former chancellor George Osborne scrapped the requirement for all retirees to buy an annuity with their defined contribution pensions, there has been a surge in scams such as so-called ‘pension liberation’ fraud. The government is now consulting on how best to protect consumers from being swindled.Andrew Warwick-Thompson, executive director at TPR, said unsolicited calls should be banned outright, as should email and text message campaigns.“An outright ban on pension cold calls would send a powerful message to all pension savers – ‘A cold call about your pension will be from a criminal. Just hang up!’” he wrote in a blog post.Warwick-Thompson also recommended limiting the types of schemes that savers can transfer their money to.“I favour a restriction of a member’s right to a statutory transfer to transfer requests to either an authorised master trust or an FCA regulated product,” he said.This would include a ban on transfers to small self-administered schemes (SSAS), which are largely unregulated and often have fewer than 10 members.The PLSA largely agreed with Warwick-Thompson. It proposed an authorisation regime for schemes with fewer than 100 members requiring them to appoint an independent professional trustee.Elsewhere, the Northern Ireland Local Government Officers’ Superannuation Committee has signed the “Global Statement on Investor Obligations and Duties” set out by the United Nations’ (UN) Principles for Responsible Investment and the UN Environment Programme’s Finance Initiative. It is also backed by Generation Investment Management, an initiative launched by former US vice president Al Gore.The £5.8bn (€6.8bn) fund for local government workers joins 116 other investor signatories from 18 countries, including AP3 and AP4 from Sweden, Germany’s BVK, and the New Zealand Superannuation fund.On the corporate side, the PPF reported that the combined deficit of UK defined benefit schemes fell to £196.5bn at the end of January, from £223.9bn at the end of December 2016.Compared with a year ago, the aggregate funding ratio has improved from 82% to 88%. This includes a change to the PPF’s calculations, which came into effect in December.Finally, members of workers’ union Unite have voted in favour of reforms to the pension fund for employees of the Isle of Man government.Members of the Government Unified Pension Scheme, established in 2011, will see contributions increase by 2.5 percentage points to 7.5%, while benefits will be reduced by 6%. The changes will take effect from March 1.last_img read more

  • Further debunking of the latest same-sex parent ‘study’

    first_imgThe latest advocacy study on same-sex parenting from Australia is getting the usual non-critical promotion from the lame-stream media.Here’s the problems with the study – and there are many, highlighted by expert Glenn Stanton:1) The authors of the study admit its significant methodology problems, which are the same problems with every other such study with similar findings…it uses a very small (500 children) non-representative sample.it is a convenience sample, meaning they used the most convenient sample collection available, by advertised in gay communities/publications/etc and interested people signed up for it.the parents participating in the study knew they were signing up for and participating in a study on the well-being of same-sex families.The information was collected via self-reports from the parent on the well-being of their child.The authors here (as well in all the other studies to date) fail to appreciate that these same-sex parents – knowing they are participating in a study on ss parented children that will have very important political and rhetorical implications – have strong reason to be more positive in their self-reporting in significant ways relative to the comparison sample of heterosexual parents whose data came from general non-partisan public health surveys. Not a small point.2) This study compared kids from two-mom and two-dad homes (only 18% were from dad/dad homes) with kids from heterosexual homes. There is no explanation whatsoever of which kinds of homes these comparison group kids were from, which again is a problem with nearly every such study. Are they all married mother/father families? They were not. How many were cohabiting, single, divorced, remarried step, etc.? The authors do not say and never address this question as important which is an incredible oversight.Ergo, the study essentially finds that kids growing up in same-sex homes look like kids that grow up in some kinds of heterosexual homes. But how do they compare to children growing up with their own married mothers and fathers? This study has no way of telling us one way or the other, and it didn’t even try.[On top of this, Do you know of anyone who has ever contended that children with same-sex parents do worse than children from all the various kinds of heterosexual homes. We have only contended that they will not do as well as children growing up with their own married mother and father. The study essentially disproves a thesis that no one is making.]3) Contains drastic contrasts in their hetero and ss parenting samples –The ss parented kids study is a non-representative sample of 500 children.The two comparison groups of kids from hetero-homes had randomly selected samples of 5,335 and 5,025 children.The ss population sample had parents with dramatically higher incomes and education status than the general population.Income: 406 out of the 500 same-sex parented kids had annual household incomes from 60- to 250K or higher compared to the average 64K annual household income of the more representative heterosexual sample group.Education: At least 384 homes in the 500 ss children sample had undergraduate degrees or above, 232 with postgraduate degrees. The same numbers for the general population are not even comparable.The study does not specify age at first parenthood, but if similar to other such studies, the same-sex parents generally have their first child in their early- to mid-thirties.Each of these mean that the measurements for the kids from same-sex homes have characteristics that strongly favor more positive outcomes among that population compared to the comparison sample, i.e. more selective, smaller sampling, dramatically higher household income and parental education status, and later age, maturity and life-stability at age of first child. These are far from anything close to equal measurements.4) Finally, the study curiously contends that children do better in ss homes but they are also more likely to suffer serious harm from social stigma regarding their family. While they don’t make this connection, nor do any of the mainstream journalists reporting on the study, it would appear that if this stigma were erased, these kids would be the new super kids, doing far better than all other kids.Which is it? Are same-sex homes triumphant or victims? It’s hard to sustain being both.And it would follow from these studies and the uncritical political trumpeting of them that we could actually be limiting children’s well-being by giving them heterosexual parents.But these are just but two examples of the over-reach these folks routinely make.FURTHER ANALYSIS FROM WHEN IT WAS FIRST RELEASED 2 YEARS AGO CLICK HEREAnd They Call This Research?OK, another set of banner front-page headlines telling us that children do just peachy keen in homosexual households. Yep, it must be some rock-solid research there. After all, the mainstream media has run with it, and the homosexual activists are delighted with it, so it must be true.What a joke. But the homosexual activists and their supporters do this all the time. We hear so many brainless headlines about how children just thrive in their alternative lifestyle households, and it always gets massive media coverage.But is this really science, or simply propaganda? Well, I will let you decide. Consider the latest “study” which all the MSM outlets have trumpeted. Indeed, the media from around the world has picked up this University of Melbourne study big time, with no questions asked as to the adequacy of the methodology.Here is just one such headline: “Children with same-sex parents happier and healthier than those from traditional families, study shows”. And what was the sound scientific method used for arriving at such conclusions? Oh, they asked for “volunteers” from their own homosexual buddies to answer a few questions.http://billmuehlenberg.com/2014/07/09/and-they-call-this-research/last_img read more