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  • Blizzard says World of StarCraft mod is okay as long as it

    first_imgOn Wednesday, we reported that the makers of an in-game Starcraft II mod called World of Starcraft had found its official YouTube trailer pulled due to a copyright complaint on the part of Activision-Blizzard.Well, good news, closure and all that: it appears that the modder is going to be allowed to go ahead with his MMO StarCraft II project and all of the confusion has been sorted out. Predictably, the big issue was the (unwise) choice of the name World of StarCraft, which provoked the ire of Blizzard’s layers. World of StarCraft‘s creator explained the resolution on the official project forums:“The Deputy General Council from Blizzard contacted me last night to discuss the details of the “World of Starcraft” project. We talked for a while and apparently some people from Blizz were concerned I was developing the game somehow outside of SC2. Anyways I explained the details of the project to him and made it clear this mod was to be developed within SC2.“After that was clear he obviously wanted the name to be changed… I’m trying to work with him to get the name Starcraft Universe (Currently in holding by Mille25) or Starcraft Chronicles. I am fully respectful of Blizzard’s Intellectual property, and they DO in fact own a copyright on “World of Starcraft” and have EVERY RIGHT to do what they did. If I want to continue this project I’m at the mercy of Blizzard’s good graces since they OWN it all.” In short, Blizzard was just trying to protect their IP and make sure that the mod team didn’t intend on making this a stand-alone game… they didn’t really want to squash a good StarCraft II mod by a true fan. All’s well that ends well.Read more at World of Starcraftlast_img read more